Chassidy Rana is 3rd generation clairvoyant who is also clairaudient and clairsentient. She has offered readings professionally for 25 years. Her first experiences with extra-preceptory gifts came early in her childhood. Raised in a small town outside of New Orleans, her connection with nature and animals was undeniable as well.



The confusion this brought her as a child would lead her to studying meditation, comparative theology and philosophy by the age of seven. Later she would move to Los Angeles, where she resided for 15 years. While California was lovely she missed the wide open spaces of her native Texas home. After traveling extensively studying and doing readings, she returned to Austin Texas in 2014.


Chassidy reads for clients all over the world, mentors psychic students, and works to bring a voice to the voiceless thru animal communication. Her readings are offered with great compassion and seek to bring insight combined with action oriented advice to manifest her client’s dreams. Her powerful guided meditations have helped many to achieve their wildest dreams.

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